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FemSport is an annual event that is hosted by Johnny B Fit in Fort Saskatchewan. As implied by the name, it is an all female competition intended to test mental and physical strength. How you may ask? Well quite literally there are a series of physical challenges that each participant competes in. Everything from box jumps to pushing cars! Talk about challenging your limits. It is incredible that Fort Saskatchewan has the opportunity to witness females from across the country compete in this event.


Pivotal Physiotherapy had the honour of being the official rehabilitation sponsor for the third year running. We just can’t get enough! Erin, Amanda, Andrea, Pat and Raj were in the middle of all the hustle and want to share their sensational experience with you.

“Pivotal had a team of massage therapists and physiotherapists at the event. We had the chance to prepare athletes prior to the competition with Kinesio-taping of various joints, and offered sports massage to those needing a little “boost” pre-competition. Throughout the competition, we proudly served the athletes with acute injury assessment, cryotherapy, and advice. Personally, my favorite part of the event was handling nagging injuries and tension that set in throughout the competition. Using myofascial release and deep tissue techniques, spinal manipulation and sport-specific stretching are some of my passions. Seeing the competitors perform to their best is thanks enough for us.”- Raj Dhillon


“This event was a lot of fun as a physio.  There was never a dull moment.  The athletes were all very keen to be taped prior to competing, and didn’t hesitate to come for treatment if they injured themselves on the course.  I met and spoke with a lot of great people, and had such a good time that I ended up staying later than I originally intended.  Eventually I developed this little nagging voice inside saying “You should be out there doing this!”  I guess we’ll see what next year brings.  Either way, I’ll be there – you’ll just have to stay tuned to see which side of the obstacle course I’m on.” – Andrea Allison


Andrea also lists the her top 5 things about the event:

  • 1. Team Spirit – Lots of awesome, colorful costumes.  Everyone was there to support each other, same team or not.  It seemed like everyone there knew each other, although many had just met.  When there were injuries, there were many helping hands – There was an instance of a volunteer lending an injured competitor some crutches they had on hand.
  • 2. Heart – All of the competitors put out her best effort, which was awesome to watch.  It was inspiring working on and speaking with some of the athletes, as well as hearing their stories.  There were people that had come back from surgeries, herniated discs – lots of injuries that people use as an excuse to avoid exercising – and here they were competing in this extreme event!  There was one girl who hit her head on an obstacle early on and had a nasty gash.  She steri-stripped and bandaged it up, and continued to compete for the rest of the day… very inspiring!
  • 3. Challenge – The obstacles were difficult, no doubt.  Both mentally and physically challenging.  Mental – overcoming claustrophobia through the culvert and confronting heights with the wall climb.  Physical – lifting and running with 2 x 40lb gas cans, kettle bells and pushing an SUV!
  • 4. Diversity – People from all walks of life and fitness levels. Each competitor got an introduction on the speaker (occupation, gym they train out of, favorite and least favorite part of the course…) during her first event, which added a very nice touch.  Everyone was there; from seasoned veterans, to people just beginning their fitness journey – and everyone belonged.
  • 5. John and Barb – Thanks to this fantastic couple for putting on such a great event.  They never fail to be friendly, welcoming, and inclusive.  They contribute so much to our community, inspiring so many to chase after and attain their fitness goals.



Healthy and active living is important; for this reason, Pivotal Physiotherapy actively supports Femsport and its incredible influence and role modelling for females. The annual event encourages women to train, work together as a team and develop vital habits. These are values that we believe in here at Pivotal and we are honored to be part of the event

If you missed Femsport this year, don’t worry, it will be back next year. Make sure you make some time to check out one of the top events of the city. And, if you’re on the edge of taking that plunge into the competition, this is your sign! Just do it!


Raj Dhillon, BScPT Owner, Physiotherapist
Andrea Allison, MScPT Physiotherapist
Cathy Ocol, VP Public Relations, PTA diploma





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