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One of the treatments used by our Registered Massage Therapists is cupping therapy. This modified version of Eastern style cupping is also referred to as myofascial cupping because it works on a deeper level into the myofascial tissue surrounding the muscle. Cupping therapy involves the use of plastic or silicone cups. A gentle manual vacuum pump creates a negative pressure that draws the soft tissue into the cups. The cups can be moved around or placed into stationary positions. The cupping therapy used at Pivotal Physiotherapy works on a myofascial level, much deeper than a practitioners hands can achieve, and all with much less discomfort to the patient.

Some of the benefits of cupping therapy include increase in circulation, decrease in inflammation and myofascial restrictions, increased range of motion, and improved tissue pliability. Cupping therapy can be used solely as a musculosketal treatment or can be placed in line with acupressure points to aid in organ toning and to relieve anxiety/stress on the mind and body.

Cupping Therapy & Massage Therapy

Cupping therapy is integrated with a regular massage therapy treatment, so there is no need to book a separate appointment. At our Fort Saskatchewan location, we have 5 Registered Massage Therapist certified in Myofascial Cupping treatment. Myofascial cupping therapy is a natural complement to regular massage therapy, and together they can increase the benefits of treatment to help you feel better, and be more active. If you are an appropriate candidate, cupping therapy is included in your physiotherapy treatment.

To schedule an appointment, or for more information on our myofascial cupping therapy services, please contact us.

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