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Athletes often experience DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) following an intense training session. DOMS can lead to pain and stiffness. However, receiving our recovery services will offer the opportunity for athletes to recover quicker and essentially feel fresher faster! This will allow athletes to engage in higher quality and more frequent training sessions throughout their program.

This service is suitable for athletes of all levels. Athletes will benefit from accelerated recovery in between training sessions, races, competitions, games, and events.

Hydrotherapy – contrast baths
Hot water immersion results in vasodilation (enlarging of blood vessels) and a resultant delivery of nutrients including oxygen to the sore extremity. Cold-water immersion results in the opposite; vasoconstriction (shrinking of blood vessels) and a resultant removal of metabolic waste from the sore extremity. It is suggested that cold-water immersion blunts the inflammatory response to injured tissue, reducing oedema, haematoma formation, and pain. Alternating between the two results in a pumping effect with the net effect of a quicker recovery time.

Pivotal Physiotherapy has a set of whirlpool tubs that are available for use.

NomaTec Recovery System
The NormaTec Recovery system is a dynamic compression therapy tool that uses compressed air and pulse technology, which massages lower limbs, mobilizes fluid, and improves circulation.
Pivotal Physiotherapy’s High Performance Centre has both the upper and lower body attachments available for use.

Game Ready Recovery System
The Game Ready System combines dynamic compression therapy and circumferential cold therapy in one application. The ice cold water is delivered through the anatomical wrap while the compression assists in preventing/limiting swelling.
Pivotal Physiotherapy has the knee and ankle wraps available for use.

Please see attached websites to review more info about each modality.

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