Here at Pivotal Physiotherapy, we’re passionate about helping you live life to the fullest. We strive to give you exceptional rehabilitative care to help you live your best life, that’s our mission. We take your health issues and care seriously and deliver custom treatment solutions in a compassionate and friendly environment.

As experts in rehabilitative medicine, we use evidence-based practices and standards, and all our physiotherapists are licensed with the College of Physical Therapists of Alberta. We are also committed to building on our knowledge and sharing our expertise with our clients and colleagues.

Below we have included an outline of physiotherapy fees for the full breadth of services we offer at Pivotal Physiotherapy

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Assessment: $110 | Treatment: $80 – $90 | Locations: High Performance Centre, Fort Saskatchewan, Northgate Centre, ARC by Pivotal
Physiotherapy, also known as physical therapy, helps restore movement and function by physical methods such as specific manual therapy, massage, heat treatment, and exercise. Here at Pivotal Physiotherapy, our core service goal is to help get you on your feet and back into action as soon as possible. Whether you’re a focused athlete, a casual exerciser, suffer from chronic pain, or need assistance in recovering from injury or surgery, we’re here for all that moves you.
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Fee: $60 – $145 | Locations: High Performance Centre, Fort Saskatchewan, Northgate Centre
Massage therapy is a hands-on gentle manipulation of soft tissue to help reduce muscle tension, improve circulation and promote healing. Therapeutic massage relaxes overused and tense muscles, removes toxins that have accumulated in the muscles, and stimulates circulation along with nerve and lung activity. Physical therapy and massage therapy work together to help speed the healing process so that you feel better faster.
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Fee: included in assessment and treatment fees | Locations: High Performance Centre, Fort Saskatchewan, Northgate Centre
Acupuncture is a treatment technique that was developed thousands of years ago, used to help the body naturally heal itself. The term medical acupuncture describes acupuncture therapies that are performed by a medical practitioner. Studies have shown that acupuncture can help accelerate the healing process, improve pain management and improve function when used with therapeutic exercise and education. Depending on your condition and specific health needs, our physiotherapists may include medical acupuncture as part of your treatment plan.
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IMS included in assessment and treatment fees | Locations: High Performance Centre, Fort Saskatchewan, Northgate Centre
Intramuscular stimulation, commonly referred to as IMS, is a physiotherapy technique used to treat chronic pain that is caused by neuropathy (damaged, injured or dysfunctional nerves). When an individual experiences persistent and unexplained pain, neuropathy may be the cause. Neuropathy causes muscle shortening, which causes pain in the muscles, tendons, connective tissues and joints. Research shows that IMS physiotherapy treatment may help release shortened muscles and relieve neuropathic long-standing pain.
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Assessment: $165 | Treatment: $95 | Locations: Northgate Centre
Women have unique physical therapy and health needs that change during different periods in life. With a specific focus on providing physiotherapy for women in Edmonton, Pivotal Physiotherapy is privileged to have team members with specialized training in women’s physiotherapy and the assessment and treatment of a range of physical therapy conditions that can affect women.
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Fee: $400 – $430 (depends on material selected) | Locations: High Performance Centre, Fort Saskatchewan, Northgate Centre
Your feet are the anchors of your body, so it’s important to keep them healthy. Poor walking patterns, abnormal biomechanics and foot imbalances can have severe effects on the body, leading to pain and poor functioning in the feet, knees, hips, back and neck.
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Flexible Pricing | Locations: High Performance Centre, Fort Saskatchewan, Northgate Centre, ARC by Pivotal
At Pivotal Physiotherapy, we’re pleased to offer sports physiotherapy seminars and focus groups for local corporations, sporting teams, schools and various other groups and organizations. Our sports physiotherapy seminars are geared toward helping people prevent common injuries and disorders, and also to share information about the latest physical therapy and healthcare topics.
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Fee: $150 | Locations: High Performance Centre, Fort Saskatchewan, Northgate Centre
Pivotal Physiotherapy offers running assessments for both injury prevention as well as physical rehabilitation purposes. Whether you recently experienced an injury or you’d just like to improve your running technique, we can help.

We provide a full running assessment service that includes a visual analysis of your running technique, assess your joint range of motion and muscle flexibility pertaining to running, and then we show you proper running technique, stretches, warm-ups and footwear to help you achieve your goals.
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Fee: Please Contact Us Directly | Locations: High Performance Centre, Fort Saskatchewan, Northgate Centre
Pivotal Physiotherapy is now an official Complete Concussion Management™ clinic. As concussions have become the focus for both professional and amateur athletes around the world, we at Pivotal Physiotherapy wanted to be at the forefront of concussion diagnosis, management, and rehabilitation. With our collaboration and education through Complete Concussion Management we now offer the very best in research-proven concussion treatments, rehabilitation, and baseline testing.
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Free Phone Consultation | Treatment: $150| Locations: Fort Saskatchewan
Shock Wave therapy is a physical therapy modality that involves sending high frequency Shock Waves into the body. It is often used for tendonitis, calcifications, shin splints, tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, and bursitis. First and foremost, the effect of Shock Wave is pain relief. Other effects include inflammation reduction and stimulation of C nerve fibers to reduce the body’s pain response. Shock Wave therapy works at a deeper level than therapeutic ultrasound, and can be used to break down calcification and scar tissue.
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Fee:  included in assessment and treatment fee | Locations: High Performance Centre, Fort Saskatchewan, Northgate Centre
Dry needling, also known as functional dry needling or FDN, is a therapeutic treatment procedure that involves multiple advances of a filament needle into the dysfunctional muscle, which typically contains a ‘trigger point’. There is no injectable solution and typically the needle used is very thin. Most patients will not even feel the needle penetrate the skin, but once it has and is advanced into the muscle, the feeling of discomfort can vary from patient to patient.
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Fee: Please Contact Us Directly | Locations: High Performance Centre, Fort Saskatchewan, Northgate Centre
One of the treatments used by our Registered Massage Therapists is cupping therapy. This modified version of Eastern style cupping is also referred to as myofascial cupping because it works on a deeper level into the myofascial tissue surrounding the muscle. Cupping therapy involves the use of plastic or silicone cups. A gentle manual vacuum pump creates a negative pressure that draws the soft tissue into the cups. The cups can be moved around or placed into stationary positions. The cupping therapy used at Pivotal Physiotherapy works on a myofascial level, much deeper than a practitioners hands can achieve, and all with much less discomfort to the patient.
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Fee: Varies by needs | Locations: High Performance Centre, ARC by Pivotal

Athletes invest more hours than ever on physical training and preparation, but mental resilience, mindset, and mental skills can often be a differentiating factor as they strive for the next level of competition.
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Fee: Varies by needs | Locations: ARC by Pivotal

Athletes often experience DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) following an intense training session. DOMS can lead to pain and stiffness. However, receiving our recovery services will offer the opportunity for athletes to recovery quicker and essentially feel fresher faster! This will allow athletes to engage in higher quality and more frequent training sessions throughout their program. In addition, we have implemented an open schedule throughout our operating hours exclusive to recovery treatments; therefore, athletes can squeeze in shorter sessions during their busy week rather than fitting in a full physiotherapy session.
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Fee: Varies by needs | Locations: ARC by Pivotal

Dr. Shirdi Nulliah, a Primary Care Sports Medicine Doctor in Edmonton, accepts patients at our ARC by Pivotal facility. Any athlete from any sport will be accepted for diagnosis and treatment of acute, subacute, and chronic musculoskeletal/joint injuries. He will also diagnose, treat and provide return-to-play programs for concussion cases. Please note, a pracID referral is required to book with Dr. Nulliah.
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Fee: 90 Mins: $120, 60 Mins: $105, 45 Mins: $90 | Locations: High Performance Centre

Thai massage is an ancient form of massage developed in Thailand 2,500 years ago. Rhythmic movements directed into muscle tissue are used to help relieve muscle and joint tension while passive stretching and assisted yoga postures are used to help increase flexibility.
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