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IMS: Intramuscular Stimulation

Assessment: $105 | Treatment: $90 | Locations: High Performance Centre, Fort Saskatchewan, Northgate Centre
Intramuscular stimulation, commonly referred to as IMS, is a physiotherapy technique used to treat chronic pain that is caused by neuropathy (damaged, injured or dysfunctional nerves). When an individual experiences persistent and unexplained pain, neuropathy may be the cause. Neuropathy causes muscle shortening, which causes pain in the muscles, tendons, connective tissues and joints. Research shows that IMS physiotherapy treatment may help release shortened muscles and relieve neuropathic long-standing pain.

The IMS physiotherapy technique targets areas of tightness by inserting needles into tight muscles, causing them to have a reflex response and relax. IMS helps to relieve the pressure on joints and muscles, reducing the pain and inflammation caused by tight muscles. Our therapists here at Pivotal Physiotherapy, are trained and certified by the Institute for the Study and Treatment of Pain (iSTOP) developed by Dr. Chan Gunn.

We have North Edmonton IMS and Fort Saskatchewan IMS staff, and incorporate this treatment into many of our physical therapy rehabilitation plans.

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