Fee: $165.00 | Locations: High Performance Centre, Fort Saskatchewan, Northgate Centre
Pivotal Physiotherapy offers running assessments for both injury prevention as well as physical rehabilitation purposes. Whether you recently experienced an injury or you’d just like to improve your running technique, we can help.

We provide a full running assessment service that includes a visual analysis of your running technique, assess your joint range of motion and muscle flexibility pertaining to running, and then we show you proper running technique, stretches, warm-ups and footwear to help you achieve your goals. Runners that are new to the sport along with athletes who have been running for years can benefit from our gait assessment service. In addition to improving your running, there are many other benefits to a full running assessment that make it an important part of sports physiotherapy for any athlete.

Some of the benefits of a running assessment are:

  • Gait assessment that helps you move better from head to toe
  • Improved running technique
  • The ability to run faster with less effort
  • Decrease in the likelihood of injury from running
  • Individualized recommendations and training plans to improve your running fitness

Our goal at Pivotal Physiotherapy is to help the way you move, and to keep you moving! For more information on what a running assessment entails, or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us and we are happy to help.

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