Functional Capacity Evaluation

Fees: Please contact us! In order to determine the appropriate course of action, a brief consultation with our medical evaluator is necessary. Once you have shared your objectives and have been assessed, an appropriate quote will be provided. 

Location: Fort Saskatchewan

A Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) is not a treatment approach. It is a comprehensive evaluation designed to determine an individual’s physical ability, tolerance, and capacity of performing required job demands. It is also used to test an individual’s overall functional abilities (at the time of testing). To achieve an objective report, medical evaluators must be certified and use a standard method of testing.

An FCE is typically ordered by an attorney, insurance provider, or employer to evaluate an individual’s injury or disability. The objective results of the FCE are used to help inform decisions regarding the individual’s ability to match the demands of the job and the capacity of resuming or returning to work.

Our Fort Saskatchewan location is appropriately fitted with verified tools, accessories, and equipment needed to conduct quality FCEs. This includes, but not limited to, secured lift capacity shelving, weighted boxes, dexterity apparatuses, and a push/pull sled. 

This evaluation requires maximum effort during all tasks and is conducted in several stages. It can take up to 4 hours to complete in its entirety.

  1. First, the medical evaluator will obtain a brief medical history of your injury/illness and learn the duties/demands of your job. 
  2. Second, the medical evaluator will perform a generalized musculoskeletal exam of the affected body site. This examination includes range of motion, manual muscle testing, and special tests of the targeted tissue.
  3. The third stage involves a series of tests focused on evaluating the maximum ability to perform general physical demands such as grasping, squatting, bending, kneeling, walking, reaching, climbing, lifting and balancing. Job simulated tasks may also be performed and evaluated if required. 

Our certified medical evaluator will take all the objective, evidence-based data and provide a report that is easy-to-read and interpret.  

To book a Functional Capacity Evaluation, please email Tessa Vanzellla MScPT
[email protected]

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