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String the letters A-G-P together and you will find yourself talking about one of the most influential people who live in #YEG. Andrew Gersham Parker is a man who needs no introduction; he is known for his incredible talent, energetic personality and humble attitude. On the Aug 16 & 17 2014 weekend, he hosted the 6th annual Pride of the Northside 4-on-4 Outdoor Street Ball tournament and Pivotal Physiotherapy was honored to be one of the sponsors of the event.

Craig Wilson and Raj Dhillon, clinic owners and experienced physiotherapists, also grew up playing ball on the north side of town. Raj has even played with AGP back in the day!

“AGP went to school with my younger brother, Deep. I enjoyed playing ball with them, hanging out at birthdays, and listening to AGP rap his rhymes at a young age. I had a blast at the tournament. I had a chance to combine many of my passions: outdoor hoops, sports physiotherapy, meeting new people, hanging out with my kids and cheering on true ballers. I’d gladly do it again and I look forward to putting in a Pivotal team next year!”- Raj Dhillon BScPT


Kristen Redhead is our resident female ball player and above all, brilliant physiotherapist. She also grew up playing ball and is still connected to the community today.

“I started playing ball at a very young age and got serious when I started junior high. During my basketball career, I did not cross paths with AGP, but I was excited to meet him the weekend of the tournament. I admire his love for kids and basketball, which was apparent throughout the tournament…


…The POTNS Tournament was exciting to be a part of. It was nice to watch the players demonstrate their individual skills, but it was even more exciting to watch them come together as a team. Another highlight of the tournament for me was watching a player slam-dunk over Mayor Don Iveson. I was fortunate enough to meet him (and of course give him my business card). I was able to talk to him about his personal experience with injuries and also about the community vibe at the POTNS Tournament.” – Kristen Redhead MScPT



Nicolas Pahud, our newest member of the team, treated many athletes as an athletic therapist for some of the UofA sports teams. He then travelled to Australia where he finished his Master of Physiotherapy Studies from the University of Queensland. And, as an avid sports enthusiast himself, he treated many athletes when he lived and worked in Brisbane, Australia as a physiotherapist.

“I have always enjoyed participating and volunteering in community events. When I was presented with the opportunity to volunteer at POTNS I didn’t hesitate, regardless of knowing very little about the event. What I experienced was a vibrant, energetic and well-organized community event. The tournament had a wonderful vibe and the skill on display was terrific, across all age groups. Organizer Andrew Parker was extremely entertaining and charismatic and has created a brilliant event in support of the basketball community. I look forward to volunteering next year!”- Nicolas Pahud MPhtySt


Common Baller injuries:

Kristen Redhead
“Both ankle sprains (which I have had my fair share of) and knee collateral ligament sprains are very common in ball players. They can be debilitating injuries that no player wants to experience. However, with the right education and rehabilitation, return to sport is made possible.”- Kristen Redhead MScPT


Nicolas Pahud
“Sporting injuries are relatively common in competitive type events such as the POTNS basketball tournament. These injuries can easily vary from small contusions or muscle cramps to more serious and restricting ligament sprains or muscle strains. One of the more frequent complaints we had at the Pivotal Physiotherapy tent on Saturday were athletes with “rolled ankles”. Depending on the severity of the injury, we are presented with two choices: whether we should allow the athlete to continue or recommend them to simply rest to prevent further injury. In order to make an informed decision, I believe athlete education is the most important part of treatment. The athlete must understand what has happened, activity restriction and risks, healing time lines and general treatment protocol for a maximal positive outcome. These were recurrent discussions I had with the athletes to ensure their safety in participation.” – Nicolas Pahud MPhtySt


Pivotal Physiotherapy, once known as North Town Physiotherapy, has been operating as a local north side physical rehabilitation clinic for over 30 years, so there was no way we were going to miss out on the chance to support our “hood” this year. AGP welcomed our team of physios and assistants and we had an incredible weekend watching, cheering and fixing all the athletes!

Raj Dhillon BScPT
Kristen Redhead MScPT
Nicolas Pahud MPhtySt
Cathy Ocol VP Public Relations

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