What is Craniosacral Therapy and how can it help your stress?

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During an unprecedented year, Covid-19 has brought up all sorts of emotions such as increased anxiety, uncertainty, and economic stress. With that toll on our minds and bodies, we can surely benefit from an hour of relaxation massage combined with Craniosacral Therapy. My name is Jose Magdaong, a registered Massage Therapist and a Manual Osteopath for Pivotal Physiotherapy at the High Performance Centre.  I’m here to explain how relaxation massage combined with Craniosacral Therapy can benefit you during this stressful time.

Let me first explain how the body works.

The body has 2 systems: the parasympathetic nervous system (rest & digest) and the sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight). When a person is mentally, physically and/or emotionally stressed, the body goes into your sympathetic nervous system fight or flight mode. Adrenaline and cortisol are hormones that are then released which helps you to either fight or flight from triggers a person is currently in. THE BODY IS AMAZING! 

What is Craniosacral Therapy?

Craniosacral Therapy is a hands-on technique that helps the cerebrospinal fluid circulate. The spinal cord, which is attached to the brain, has its own fluid that lubricates and assists in maintaining the health of the spinal cord and brain. A very light touch, such as 5 gram weight pressure, is applied to the soft tissues that surround the central nervous system. Releasing tension in this area provides great pain relief and promotes a feeling of well-being. This technique can be used to treat a wide range of conditions including neck/back pain and headaches. I typically perform Craniosacral Therapy near the end of the session when the patient is in a deep state of relaxation.

Treatment with Relaxation massage combined with Craniosacral Therapy

Frequent fight or flight activation is very taxing on the body. Stress can manifest in body ache, trigger points, stiff muscles, insomnia, etc. This is where an hour of relaxation massage with Craniosacral Therapy becomes valuable. One hour of relaxation massage can help a person’s psyche, blood flow, wellness, and daily life activity performance during this unprecedented time. 

Jose Magdaong
Registered Massage Therapist at Pivotal Physiotherapy
Manual Osteopath

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