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If you haven’t heard of Taurean, then you might have seen him on CTV morning television doing weighted push-ups with Kimberly Wynn on his back for a charitable cause, or read his fitness tips in WELLNESS magazine, or you might have even heard his boisterous encouragements while coaching clients at a city gym. But these are just glimpses of what he does best, and that’s educating people one how to take care their bodies. Taurean isn’t your typical trainer.


He’s the type of trainer that focuses on your health first before beauty; therefore, his approach is wholistic. Taurean suffered injuries throughout his professional athletic career, and later, in recreational sports. He knows what it’s like when you lose your health. Over five years, he studied and learned techniques on recovery and wellness. This has helped him develop his own therapeutic and restorative method for his clients, which allows him to create a balanced and effective workout


“Before you work out, you need to set your body up for success,” is Taurean’s motto. With this in mind, he has successfully trained over 400 clients from various fitness backgrounds with varying fitness goals. He is tremendously grateful for the experience and connections he has made over the years and is always looking for the opportunity to share his knowledge!


Typically, patients go though a transition phase after their physical rehabilitation. Once patients are finished their treatment plan, the next stage is to ideally continue and maintain their fitness. Experiencing this himself, and in fact being a patient of Craig’s at Pivotal Physiotherapy Northgate, Taurean understands the importance of maintaining health and fitness following an injury. Taurean will be a great resource and Pivotal Physiotherapy is looking forward to start connecting with Taurean and his company, Wellman Wellness Training.



Taurean Wellman Personal Trainer

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