Tape it Up!

Author: pivotalphysio

Kinesiology tape has been getting a lot more attention after many people noticed athletes from the 2012 Summer Olympics sporting the colorful tape. I have been working with kinesiology tape for a few years now and have had a hard time finding many other people who use it until recently. Throughout the hockey season I have many players who sustain injuries that they are able to play through with a little bit of help. I commonly use Kinesiology tape to help support knees, ankles, wrists and shoulders as well as facilitate lymphatic drainage or apply compression following an acute injury. Some of the athletes doubt that I can help them with some “stretchy” tape but after they give it a chance they quickly change their minds. Kinesiology tape has the ability to facilitate proprioceptive feedback and provide external support to assist the structural integrity of a joint. I apply kinesiology tape in a specific manner to restrict, support or enable soft muscle tissue and movement. Having a working knowledge of muscle origin, insertion and innervation is important to adapt a tape job from person to person. As a trainer I believe kinesiology tape is a fast and effective method to assist my athletes with return to play and maintain confidence in their performance following an injury.

Emma Van Ulden, BPE

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