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  • By Stingers Staff
  • 13 Jun, 2019

EDMONTON — In a hockey-crazed city where many sports fans eat, sleep and breathe the game on ice, it was the hardwood where Craig Wilson and Raj Dhillon dreamed of making their imprint in the game.

The co-owners of Pivotal Physiotherapy work with many of Edmonton’s best professional, amateur and elite-level athletes, but when it was announced last summer that Edmonton would be getting a professional basketball team back in the city, Wilson and Dhillon jumped at the chance to build a partnership with the Edmonton Stingers.

“For myself and Raj, basketball is our first love,” said Wilson.

“It’s the sport we played growing up. We always had an eye to develop basketball players. When the Stingers and CEBL was announced (last summer), we wanted to be a part of it.”

Pivotal Physiotherapy and the Stingers joined forces this season and the Pivotal Physiotherapy facility is the exclusive centre for the Stingers players’ recovery.

The players have access to the facility and have the ability to utilize Pivotal’s services anytime they need.

“What we’ve tried to do in our facilities is try to bring in other professional athletes to work with sports doctors and massage therapists who have a high performance mindset,” said Wilson.

“We have a team that brings that big brain mentality to all of our athletes who work with us.”

The goal with the partnership between Pivotal and the Stingers is to make them stronger and more successful on and off the floor.

Stingers guard Kenny Otieno is grateful for the partnership between Pivotal and the team. The former University of Alberta Golden Bear, who has played professionally the past four seasons can see the difference his body has gone through in the recovery process.

“It’s huge. For me, someone who’s a little older and have been playing longer, we need a little more attention on our bodies and Pivotal is perfect for that,” said Otieno.

The platform with the Stingers helps Pivotal showcase more what they do. After a tough game or a hard practice, the players can come to the facility and use the top recovery systems available for professional athletes.

The NormaTec Recovery system is a dynamic compression therapy that helps reduce muscle soreness and improves circulation. The unit uses compressed air and pulse technology to massage limbs, mobilize fluid and improve circulation. The pulse technology mimics the muscle
pump of the legs, which enhances the movement of fluid out of the limbs after an intense workout. 

“As a professional athlete. It’s a great experience,” said Otieno.

“It targets certain muscles in your thighs and your IT bands and it flushes away all the lactic acid. After a game, it makes you feel so much better. You feel fresh.”

Pivotal also helps athletes in recovering from injuries. The have systems like The Game Ready System, which is best used following a musculoskeletal injury. It combines dynamic compression therapy and circumferential cold therapy in one application.

They also have hot and cold whirlpool tubs to help with soft tissue and bone injuries for athletes.

Pivotal also puts their athletes through a Blood Flow Restriction Exercise, which is the newest hype in performance and rehab worlds.

The BFR technique, an athlete who has sustained an injury; and therefore, lifting lower loads, will still be able to build muscle strength. This is possible because the BFR cuffs are placed proximally on the leg or arm to restrict the blood flow to the muscle being exercised.

“This is our first opportunity to be part of a team,” said Wilson.

“They’ve allowed us to have some input and influence on how the guys train and recover.”

The Stingers players are appreciative of the opportunity to be able to use the facilities at Pivotal and are taking advantage of the best technology in the industry and to be able to work with some of the best physio-therapists in Edmonton.

“I’ve been working with Pivotal for the past year, and I try to get there as much as I can. They work they do with us is incredible,” said Otieno.

“I know it’s already had a big impact on extending my (playing) career, and I know a lot of the other guys feel the same way too.”

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