Road to Recovery

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Hello, my name is Mike Salame and I have been coming to Pivotal Physiotherapy for a couple of years now. Here is a brief overview of my personal story and what it was that eventually brought me into the rehabilitation centre in the first place. It was the summer of 2010 and I was playing football with friends. We were playing indoors, and on one particular play I remember running incredibly fast in an attempt to intercept a pass. I jumped in the air with tons of forward momentum, and recall looking ahead and realizing that I was heading straight for a concrete wall! I knew I had to SLOW down immediately or else I would be in big trouble. Ready for impact, I extended my left leg forward, bracing myself for a rapid deceleration. When my foot finally hit the ground I recall hearing a loud “POP” sound that came from the inside of my left knee. Unfortunately, my leg could not handle the intense forces that I was putting on it; the result was a ruptured ACL and an interesting story of what came to be.

My family doctor advised that I surgically repair the damaged ligament in my leg in order to get back to my active, sport filled lifestyle. He stated that with proper rehab and dedication I could overcome the injury and have a healthy, functioning knee, just like before. On December 10, 2010, I had ACL reconstruction surgery at the Grey Nuns Hospital. One week later I was poised to start the first phase of my rehabilitation journey with some much-needed physical therapy. Here is a picture of my knee 2 weeks post surgery. The amount of muscle mass that I lost was incredible.

I was referred by a couple of friends to go see Raj at Pivotal Physiotherapy; they were both people he had treated in the past. Visiting Pivotal for the first time was a great experience, made easier by the friendly staff that were there to help. Raj and I quickly formed a close bond, and his guidance is what really helped me get through this challenging period in my life. He always knew how to push me even further than I thought I could go, something I found quite impressive considering how competitive and strong willed I can be! His encouragement, timely humour and positive attitude are what helped me get back to 100%, and give me the knee that I have today. Here is a picture of my knee presently almost 2 years post surgery.

While rehabbing my knee, it was Raj that gave me the inspiration to pursue my greatest good. He is a happy, outgoing, genuinely kind man that truly enjoys what he is doing. The encouraging experiences that I have had at Pivotal Physiotherapy have caused me to reevaluate what I want to do in my life. After months of visiting with Raj at the clinic and seeing the positive impact he makes on peoples lives daily, I knew I wanted to follow in his foot steps. As a result, I have chosen to return back to school with the goal of becoming a physiotherapist myself. I am currently finishing my undergrad this year, and shall pursue my Master’s Degree at the University of Alberta, soon after. None of this would have been possible if not for the excellent service that I received from Raj and his terrific staff at Pivotal Physiotherapy. I have my knee back, I have made new friends, and I have a promising new future thanks to this experience, and for that I am truly grateful.

Mike Salame, Pivotal Patient- Aspiring physiotherapst

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