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Although it may look like Kaylynn is a newbie, she actually has been part of the Pivotal team since 2011. While finishing her Master of Science in Physiotherapy from the University of Alberta, she worked part-time as an assistant at the Fort Saskatchewan clinic. She now treats patients at the Northgate location. Lets get to know Kaylynn the physiotherapist!

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“I have been training in Olympic Weightlifting since October 2011, right after I started my Master’s in Physio. Olympic Weightlifting is one of the oldest sports around. It is a strength sport comprised of two lifts: the snatch and the clean and jerk. The clean and jerk is where the lifter quickly and systematically lifts the barbell from ground level to overhead. The clean occurs when the lifter moves the barbell from the ground to a catch position on their collarbones. The jerk occurs when the lifter hoists the weight from their collarbones to overhead.The clean and jerk requires a narrower grip on the barbell and is comprised of two distinct movements. The snatch requires a wide grip on the barbell and one smooth movement from the ground to overhead.” – Kaylynn Shewaga


Kaylynn trains at Moolyk Strength and Conditioning

Why Olympic weightlifting?

“I have always been very passionate about strength training and have been hitting the weights since I was 15 years old. After awhile, I found traditional gym exercises stagnant and boring. Olympic weightlifting and all the accessory lifts used in training, offer endless opportunities for physical and mental challenge. Olympic weightlifting is also very much a “whole body” form of movement, creating strength and flexibility in functional and challenging positions.” – Kaylynn Shewaga


Why did you become a physiotherapist?

“I love the science behind human movement and I love to move! Being a physiotherapist allows me to share my passion and knowledge of movement with others, as well as lead an active career. I also love helping and working with people; physiotherapy provides a great opportunity to do that.” – Kaylynn Shewaga

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“My favorite thing about being a physiotherapist is the ongoing professional and personal growth that is required from this career. Each patient is unique and physiotherapists must adapt to suit varying needs of different people. We must always be on our toes to find solutions and styles that mesh with the needs and wants of our patients. There is no time to sit on your heels and become stagnant with treatment approaches. Patients are constantly pushing us to better develop our skills.” – Kaylynn Shewaga


Photography by Stephane Novel

What techniques do you use when treating your patients?

“My treatment approach focuses on a combination of manual therapy and active exercise. Manual techniques include joint mobilizations and soft tissue release. Manual techniques can aid in improving movement restrictions or pain, but exercise is almost always needed for long-term benefit. I will soon add acupuncture as an adjunct to my current treatment style!

Having the NSCA certification, as well as actively training in Olympic weightlifting, prepares me to work with athletes or those interested in higher-level training. NSCA certification requires an in-depth level of knowledge around strength and conditioning exercises. Strength and conditioning is most useful after the acute phase of an injury when preparing to return to work or sport, as exercise demands are greater than traditional “rehab” exercises.” – Kaylynn Shewaga


What are your future goals as a physiotherapist?

“I would like to take orthopedic courses within Canada and/or abroad to maneuver my way to the top level of orthopedic qualification. I am currently registered in an acupuncture course that begins this fall and will take IMS in early 2015. I have a special interest in hands and wound debridement. I hope to enhance the skills needed to treat these types of injuries through courses and practical work. My second job as a physiotherapist at the Royal Alexandra Hospital provides the opportunities to do so.” – Kaylynn Shewaga

Just for fun! Name a few things on your bucket list.

1. Competing in Canadian Nationals for Olympic Weightlifting
2. Couch surfing solo in another country!

Olympic weightlifting is a test of physical and mental strength. Kaylynn’s ambition in her training is reflected in her personality as a physiotherapist. She is actively involved in every step of her patient’s rehabilitation journey and ensures that her patient’s are given the appropriate treatment plan.

A successful completion of your physical rehabilitation starts with your physiotherapist. It is advantageous that you and your physiotherapist collaborate harmoniously in order to get to the end goal and Kaylynn is here to get you there!

To inquire more about Kaylynn’s treating hours, please contact us at
(780) 473-1461 Northgate

Kaylynn Shewaga MScPT
Written by Cathy Ocol VP Public Relations

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