Bridging the Gap

Author: pivotalphysio

Once hockey season has started and a player sustains an injury that cannot be managed on their own or restricts them from returning to play, I refer them to Pivotal Physiotherapy. I started an amateur athletic excellence referral program at Pivotal exclusively for the members of the Maple Leaf Athletic club. This commitment from the clinic also shows their support in the local hockey community. The therapists at Pivotal are all keen on recovery and I have always received great feedback, ongoing support and return to play status updates from the treating therapist. As a hockey trainer you can have 0-19 players with any type of injury at any time during the hockey season. Many of my hockey players are also involved in other team sports and can sustain injuries from other activities that also affect their hockey performance. This can be overwhelming as a trainer because you only have so much time to work with each injury and make a decision to treat and return to play or rest and refer. This is why I was excited to be able to bridge the gap between the performance of my hockey players and Pivotal Physiotherapy. I am always confident about sending an athlete in to see one of their physiotherapists because the clinic has such a dynamic team and they can offer a variety of treatment options from muscle strengthening to intramuscular stimulation. I am usually getting pressured from the player, the parents and the coaches about return to play and it is reassuring to have another professional back up your recommendations. I always want to see my players perform at the best of their ability and I am committed to assist them with all of their training needs just like the staff at Pivotal want to get you back in the game.

Emma Van Ulden, BPE

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