Kamil Sorthia

Kamil Sorathia

Kinesiologist Coordinator - Northgate

Hi, my name is Kamil! I graduated from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor of Kinesiology, majoring in Sport Performance.

My passion for exercise therapy stems from my fascination with sport and sport-related injuries. Growing up, I played soccer, cricket, field hockey and badminton, where I was exposed to a variety of sports injuries. This piqued my interest, leading me to discover various approaches to injury prevention through exercise.

I believe exercise is medicine and that it is paramount in optimizing both physical and mental health. Whether you’re recovering from a nagging injury or simply looking to improve physical function, we can create personalized strategies to ensure you get back to your best!

Outside the clinic, I enjoy watching movies, trying new food and walking through River Valley trails. I’m also a massive soccer fan and if you have any opinions on why hockey is better than soccer, please come find me at our Northgate location!

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