Catherine Dowhaniuk

Registered Massage Therapist

Hi There! I’m Catherine and I was born and raised right here in Edmonton. My fascination for the human body began in Junior High School. This led me to pursue an education in massage therapy and I ultimately graduated from MaKami College of Massage Therapy in 2009. Since then, I’ve been in constant pursuit of knowledge on how the body functions in addition to learning various ways how to improve health in order for me to provide the best client care.

Early in my career, I was introduced to Bowen Therapy and it has been part of my treatment approach ever since. Bowen Therapy consists of a series of gentle manipulations over muscles, tendons, and ligaments to trigger the Autonomic Nervous System to reset and relax tissues in the body. It does this by increasing blood and lymph flow, breaking the pain loops that can constantly cycle through the body. This allows the body to destress, decrease inflammation and can accelerate the healing of injured tissues. The gentle nature of this treatment allows it to be suitable for persons of all ages and works not only on a physical level, but can aid in conditions caused by mental, emotional complications as well, such as stress, anxiety, grief, and shock. It offers a feeling of total relaxation and often an immediate response with decreased pain and discomfort. Using Bowen Therapy to treat many different ailments and being able to assist clients in their pursuit for better health is what I believe massage therapy is all about. I enjoy treating a wide variety of clients and conditions as it helps me learn and grow in my field.

>During my free time, I enjoy walking in the River Valley, hiking in the mountains, or taking a jaunt through Elk Island Park. Being out in nature allows me to release my daily stresses and spend time with my Husband reconnecting. Together in the summers we also help out on the family farm, so naturally eating healthy and nutrition is also a big part of our lives as well. A personal hobby of mine is also taking part in the Arts and Performance arts communities in and around the Edmonton area, from Hula Hooping to Dance Performances on various stages, to sitting at my art desk with a pencil crayon in hand or taking part in some of Edmonton’s many art markets and festivals during the summertime.

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