Byron Turba



Hi, my name’s Byron! I graduated from the University of Alberta with a Master of Science in Physical Therapy, and a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology. At the end my undergraduate degree I had my first exposure to physiotherapy during a 3-month placement where I have worked part-time as a Kinesiologist ever since. Needless to say, my time spent at Pivotal sparked my passion towards the profession. The thought of being able to incorporate many of my interests in sports, fitness, and the human body as a future career had me hooked! I was born and raised in Edmonton, growing up I spent all of my time playing hockey and baseball any chance I could get. These experiences helped me to appreciate just how impactful injuries can be not only on performance, but also in terms of enjoyment and fulfillment in our everyday lives.

What motivates me as a physiotherapist is the unique challenges that each day and each individual brings. I value the relationships that I build with my patients and having the opportunity to help them in their journey to get back to doing the things that they are passionate about. My treatment approach involves a partnership with my patients so that we can set out and work towards goals that are meaningful to them, while incorporating a treatment plan that is flexible to each individual’s lifestyle so that they can thrive in their rehab journey. I utilize a combination of education, exercise, and manual therapy techniques, and I am a big believer in empowering my patients with the resources and tools necessary to take a primary role in their own recovery. This better equips patients to manage and prevent the problem from recurring in the future. No matter your age, injury, or fitness level I would be thrilled to help you work towards achieving your goals! 

In my free time you’ll probably see me playing, watching, or reading about hockey. I have been a huge Edmonton Oilers fan my entire life, and despite a decade that I’d like to forget, my loyalty and hope for the team still remains. I enjoy any opportunity that I get to visit the mountains, whether that be to snowboard, hike, or just explore the town.

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