Allison Martin

Registered Massage Therapist

Hi, I’m Allison! In 2008, I graduated from the Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy in Halifax, NS. I’ve been working as an RMT ever since! I love it just as much now as I did when I first started. Prior to moving to Fort Saskatchewan, I built my career for almost 14 years in my hometown, St. John’s NL. I was part owner of my own successful clinic for 8 years! I became an RMT because I’ve always had a drive to help people and according to many friends and family, I’ve always had a knack for hands on treatment.

My treatments are primarily deep tissue work. Over the years, I have experienced great success in treating conditions such as repetitive strain, plantar fasciitis, scar tissue release, thoracic outlet syndrome and general postural/muscular imbalances. I have a lot of experience in prenatal massage as well. I have a large background in physical fitness and I had a big client base of bodybuilders, powerlifters and gym goers of all types back home. Having someone come in with limited mobility or an injury from lifting and helping them get back to where they want to be, makes me incredibly happy!

In my free time, I am the mother of a sweet little boy, 3 cats and 3 large dogs. Our house can be a bit of a circus but I wouldn’t want it any other way! I’m heavily involved in the gym. In fact, I was a competitive bodybuilder for 6 years. However, I gave it up to focus on other aspects of my life. Currently, the gym for me is all about setting personal goals and stress management. I love doing family activities and my son will hike along right with me any time we go!

I am very much looking forward to meeting new clients and building up another phenomenal clientele in Fort Saskatchewan. Hope to meet you soon!

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