Simone Van Gelder


BScKinMScPT, Dry Needling

Hi, I’m Simone! I graduated with my Masters in Physical Therapy from the University of Alberta in 2006, and continued to spend my career working in the private practice setting, specifically at centres targeted at sports rehabilitation. I have attained post-graduate training in Advanced Orthopaedic Manual, Manipulative Physiotherapy, and Dry Needling. I have also trained with the Running Clinic, and have specialized training with prominent professionals in various fields such as force and strength development, myofascial release, and mobilization with movement.

I grew up playing soccer, and found a second passion in long distance running and strength training later on in life. From there, my enthusiasm for staying active has evolved to other outdoor sports including mountain biking, cycling, and trail-running. Living an active lifestyle came with challenges for me, and I learned the hard way how to find a balance between doing what I love and staying in one piece. Now, being a mom to two young and rambunctious boys, this balance has become even more precarious to sustain, but has also become more appreciated and recognizable in its importance. I believe that it’s this personal journey that helps me understand and relate to my clients on a unique level.

Together, we will work towards setting personal and realistic goals. I will help you to develop a rehabilitation plan that helps your body move and function optimally, and help you find your own balance. Want to know more? Read Simone’s full interview on Facebook.

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