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Assessment: $165 | Treatment: $90 | Locations: Northgate Centre
Women have unique physical therapy and health needs that change during different periods in life. With a specific focus on providing physiotherapy for women in Edmonton, Pivotal Physiotherapy is privileged to have team members with specialized training in women’s physiotherapy who can assess and treat a range of conditions that affect women.

From different bone structure and conformational issues, to simple things like knowing women are more prone to ACL tears in the knee than men are, we know that understanding your needs as a woman can be pivotal in determining a physiotherapy plan that will help you return to full activities as soon as possible. Similar injuries in men and women can have different physical rehabilitation treatment plans based on specific needs. Our staff at Pivotal Physiotherapy with specific training in women’s physiotherapy needs is here to help.

Physiotherapy is a safe, non-surgical, drug-free option to help manage your symptoms and regain mobility and function. Our physiotherapists work with women of all ages to treat stress incontinence, overactive bladder syndrome, pelvic organ prolapse, pelvic pain, and pregnancy and childbirth related issues. We’ll work with you to develop an individualized treatment plan, based on your specific symptoms.

Our Women’s Health Therapists: Lynsey Pasloski and Courteney Robinson are based at our Northgate Centre location

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