Groin Strain

Author: Andrea Eberhardt

The infamous hockey groin strain.  I had the opportunity to experience such an injury during my minor hockey career.  I …

Tape it Up!

Author: Emma Van Ulden

Kinesiology tape has been getting a lot more attention after many people noticed athletes from the 2012 Summer Olympics sporting …

Head Contact and Concussions

Author: Emma Van Ulden

Concussion awareness has increased over the past few years from amateur to professional hockey players. Prevention, diagnosis and treatment protocols …

Bridging the Gap

Author: Emma Van Ulden

Once hockey season has started and a player sustains an injury that cannot be managed on their own or restricts …

The Magic Black Gloves

Author: Emma Van Ulden

In the last few weeks, I have had a bunch of injuries occur on my bench and between the players, …

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