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We all love objective results. More curls = bigger biceps. But how does one measure the mind? In sport, as well in life, we often neglect how crucial our mind, and how our thoughts affect our performance. An athlete has to be both physically & mentally fit in order to reach his/her potential. With an increasing demand for results in our society, sport psychology is a vastly growing field where professionals can help athletes become more aware of the processes of the complex mind, and how it can sometimes get in the way of performing optimally. The emphasis is in the process, and not the outcome. Using high quality tools and resources, Marek’s goal as your sport psychology consultant, is to simply guide athletes in forming a healthy, confident, and happy individual ready to perform at their potential.

At Pivotal Physiotherapy, we don’t separate the mind from the body. We believe that sport and exercise is 100% physical and 100% mental. Mental performance training should be in tandem with recovery and physical rehabilitation. Too often we neglect how crucial our minds are to peak performance. Think of it as a gym membership for your mind; the more you train it, the stronger it will become. Therefore, by incorporating mental training, you cover all the bases for developing to your full potential.

So whether it’s dealing with the emotional aspect of injury and recovery, or learning to build confidence, deal with pressure, or reach your goals, we strive to develop you not only as an athlete, but as an individual.

Education and training plays a big role in defining what a “sport psychologist” is. A sport psychology consultant/mental performance consultant’s training is primarily in the area of physical education, kinesiology, and sport science with specialization in sport psychology. In other words, the degrees have come from Physical Education or Sport Science faculties. As such, they’re not legally permitted to call themselves “psychologists” nor can they deal with any clinical issues such as suicidal tendencies, drug/alcohol abuse, eating disorders, marital counseling, etc. In the case these issues present themselves, they would refer the athlete/client to a clinical psychologist who is properly trained in these matters. Our sport psychologist consultant primarily works in the area of performance psychology or mental skills training and deal solely with performance enhancement.
Nope! We believe that life is a performance, and we are all performers. We have experience working with “performers” from all walks of life. Whether you’re a weekend warrior, working professional, or elite athlete, the mental skills that help you beat your personal best on the track can also be applied to preparing for exams, nailing a presentation at work, or simply learning to not get caught up in the busy-ness of life and find some balance and happiness.
Sport psychology services are offered to both individuals and teams. The sport psychology role in teams is a complex and flexible one where the goal is to improve group dynamics and overall team performance. Depending on your needs, the role could range from a single workshop to be being part of the sport science staff.

Based on the psychological research, we provide consulting and feedback to enhance the coach-athlete relationship, as well as seeking to answer the question of “who are we as a team?”. Great teams have a set culture and philosophy, but that all starts off by asking the right questions. And we love our role of being the ones asking them.

The first step is to book an initial 15-30 min consultation to gather some information, answer any questions and to make sure we are the right fit for you. If you are willing to continue, you may choose from our packages which typically begin with a 5 session program individually tailored to you. After the 5 session program, you may choose to continue with single sessions.

If you have further questions about the process contact the clinic or email Marek: [email protected]

Marek is a professional member of the Canadian Sport Psychology Association (CSPA) which entitles him to liability insurance, but sport psychology services specifically tend to not be covered by most insurance plans. Please check with your provider.

Services Offered For Teams


Sport Psychology services for a full season.


  • Up to three (3) team sessions/workshops per month for duration of season (Including pre and postseason)
  • Unlimited psychometric/team assessment data
  • Unlimited coach and staff consultation
  • On-site training and game day support
  • Optional pool of individual sessions to add-on for coaches to allocate to athletes as needed

– 20 sessions. Fee: $1,100
– 30 sessions. Fee: $1, 800
– 40 sessions. Fee: $2,100



  • Five (5) Team sessions/workshops
  • Three (3) psychometric/team assessment data reports
  • Optional pool of individual sessions to add-on for coaches to allocate to athletes as needed

    – 20 sessions. Fee: $1,100
    – 30 sessions. Fee: $1, 800
    – 40 sessions. Fee: $2,100

Team Mental Skills Training Workshops. Fee: $75/ workshop
One hour mental skills training session. Intended for teams, coaches, and parents.

One hour mental skills training session topic of your choice:

  • Goal Setting
  • Imagery/Visualization
  • Mindfulness/Meditation
  • Emotional/Stress Control
  • Confidence
  • Focus/Concentration
  • Communication/Leadership
  • Self-talk
  • Positive Behaviour
  • Performance Routines and more…

Services Offered For Individual Athletes


For those who want to add the mental tools to enhance their performance. 5 sessions covers the basics to train your mind for peak performance.


  • Five (5) Sessions– Aimed at improving mental skills, well-being, and performance
  • Mental Performance Profile- psychometric data to assess cognitive strengths & weaknesses
  • Access to worksheets and resources to help you continue training on your own
  • Continued support via e-mail, call, or text
  • After the 5 sessions are completed, single sessions can be added on for a rate of $65 per session
  • No expiry date on sessions

*Note: Marek does not deal with clinical issues such as eating disorders or clinical depression. In such a case, a referral will be made, but work can still continue in regards to performance enhancement.


The profile every athlete should have. Let us help you get started onto your journey to mastery by increasing your self-awareness of what your baseline mental skill strengths and weaknesses are, and providing the tools used by the top performers to improve their mental and physical game.

  • Mental Skills Profile based on individual assessments of cognitive abilities, highlighting your strengths, and areas that may need improvement
  • Performance Wheel to evaluate and monitor progress in specific attributes needed to become successful in your sport
  • Performance Planning Worksheet for setting short and long term goals

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